COUNT helps companies within the trade and logistics domain to modernise in a sustainable way, with the ultimate goal of optimising supply chains. In my view, trade and logistics, specifically within the scope of the port economy, still lag behind other sectors in terms of sustainability and innovation. COUNT will help rectify this by supporting existing companies in an accelerated transition from old to new. Social accountability is a fundamental value in the strong emphasis that we place on sustainability, something that is apparent from our (trade) activities in sustainable cocoa / coffee and renewables like UCO, UCOME and energy.

Peter Goedvolk – Founder & Owner

COUNT brings significant experience and expertise across different dimensions, amongst which trading, logistics, sustainability management, value enhancement, audit and compliance.

Peter Goedvolk is an experienced businessman in commodity related businesses, having founded and successfully led Argos for 30 years (1984-2014).

During his tenure as founder and CEO, Peter Goedvolk has shown significant track record in realising organic growth and executing a buy & build strategy (20+ acquisitions), Argos became the largest independent West European oil & gas company with activities around the world. With a yearly turnover of more than $20 billion in 2014, Argos ranked amongst the top twenty largest Dutch companies.

In 2014 Peter Goedvolk sold his shares in Argos as he aspired to start COUNT, which allowed him to start contributing to a more sustainable future in the long term.

Peter Goedvolk is a member of numerous different supervisory boards and boards of directors. Furthermore, Peter Goedvolk is, and has been over the years, involved in various sustainable energy initiatives.

As a result of his contribution to the city of Rotterdam and its port, Peter Goedvolk became Portman of the Year in 2006.