COUNT is currently looking to further expand the platform by executing a buy & build strategy based on clear acquisition criteria.

In addition, COUNT assists the COUNT Companies in expanding their businesses through strategic add-on acquisitions and operational support.


COUNT is constantly adding trade streams through the acquisition of specialised trading companies or teams. When considering new acquisitions, COUNT keeps the following criteria in mind:


  • Businesses cover niche trading streams that contribute to a sustainable future
  • Traders have extensive experience and expertise
  • There is a need for growth capital
  • Businesses are in need of operational back-office support, trading systems, risk & compliance assistance and sustainability management


COUNT is constantly exploring acquisition opportunities in the logistics industry, based on the following acquisition criteria:

  • Services cover all transport modalities
  • Services are able to facilitate current COUNT trading streams
  • There is a complementary geographical fit to our other services
  • Services are innovation driven
  • Services operate in a data-rich environment
  • There is a need for cash and growth capital
  • ¬†There are succession issues

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