Count Real Estate offers unique opportunity to develop the next leading trading and logistics hub in main port Europe.

COUNT Real Estate (CRE), a company affiliated to COUNT owns 9.5ha of land in the ‘Zevenmanshaven’ (Rotterdam/Vlaardingen). The property is uniquely situated at the bank of the Maas river and is well connected to the mainland, offering easy access for tank trucks, barges and seagoing vessels.

COUNT Terminal Rotterdam currently leases 3.5ha of which only 1.5ha is in use. On the remaining 6ha of CRE property no buildings are present, which allows for the construction of new facilities. COUNT Real Estate now offers companies the unique possibility of leasing property to develop their own facilities on this strategically situated location.


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Characteristics of the property

  • 9.5ha of land
  • Easy access for tank trucks, barges, and seagoing vessels
  • Unique jetty specifics:
  • Water depth: 11.5m
  • Displacement loaded 33.500ton
  • Length overall 170m, beam 24m
  • More jetty’s available: currently 2 jetty’s are non-operational but can be renovated to increase capacity when needed