Count Terminal Rotterdam

COUNT Terminal Rotterdam is a multiservice company, active in the storing, refining and blending of key renewables, used cooking oil (UCO), animal fats and other energy related products.

Exact product quality

Highly efficient and effective methods enable COUNT Terminal Rotterdam to ensure customers receive the exact quality of product required.

Located in Mainport Europe

The company currently has a total storage capacity of 53,700m³, divided over 2 locations, both of which are uniquely located in Mainport Europe (Rotterdam).

Koningin Wilhelminahaven

  • Total storage capacity: 9,500 m3
  • Tanks include heating, isolation and blending capabilities
  • Cat. 3 Animal Fat and GMP + (feed), separate segments
  • Loading / discharging points for tank trucks
  • 1 Jetty
  • Depth 5 m


  • Total storage capacity: 44,200 m³
  • Tanks include heating, isolation and blending capabilities
  • Pump speed of circa 500 m³ p/h
  • Jetty specifics:
    • Depth: 11.5 m
    • Able to receive ships with a displacement loaded of 33,500 tonnes length overall max 170 m and beam of 24 m
    • 5 loading / discharging points
    • 1 weighbridge and sampling platform
    • Heating facility for tank trucks