Revenue  €400+ MLN.

900+ employees

75+ offices worldwide

Integrated worldwide network of activities

The COUNT companies represent a diverse yet complementary group of global trading and logistics services companies which, combined, are active across entire supply chains. COUNT combines its experience, expertise and network with that of the COUNT companies, to create both operational excellence and cost optimisation. This allows the COUNT companies to offer their customers premium resources and services in the most efficient and effective way.



Handling, trading and exploration of commodities including energy, renewables and food

By connecting origins to markets; organisations to customers; and traceability to sustainable development, COUNT ensures global access to premium soft commodities and renewables.

The COUNT Trading Companies have extensive knowledge, highly qualified staff and in-depth actionable business and market intelligence. They focus and rely on strategic partnerships with suppliers, customers and service providers as they look to de-commoditise traditional supply chain connections.

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Global logistics services across entire supply chains

COUNT recognises the need for integrated logistics solutions as supply chains have become increasingly more complex and demand driven.

Through its COUNT companies, COUNT offers a platform that provides multimodal logistics services to companies in various industries worldwide. The services include freight forwarding, shipping services, stevedoring, storage, warehousing & distribution and value- added services.

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COUNT has a diversified team of in-house professionals whom are highly experienced and have proven track records. They provide assistance to the COUNT companies in further building their businesses.

  • (Buy & Build) strategy

  • Investment management

  • Industry knowledge

  • Operational and financial engineering

  • Innovation

  • Financial & Risk management

  • Debt funding & Private Equity

  • Data management

  • Transaction services

  • Procurement

In all of its business dealings, COUNT gives attention to sustainable development

COUNT is committed to working in an environmentally friendly and responsible way. In addition to being passionate about innovation and excellence in its business operations, the company strives to help global improvement. COUNT endeavours to share knowledge, to educate and to provide the tools necessary for sustainable development, and to help communities progress towards a more promising and sustainable future. COUNT never compromises on ethics or integrity, and always adheres to the highest moral standards.

COUNT is a affiliate of First Dutch. First Dutch comprises numerous affiliated businesses, which are currently united under three brands COUNT, FDI and Rotterdam Port Fund.

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